Kitsch Christmas Decorations

Remembering Christmas in the 1980s

The festive season is finally upon us. As we approach a new decade, Bower thought it would be interesting to take a look back at a typical Christmas in the 1980s. Read on for a trip down memory lane to see how much has changed in the past forty years. Why not share our findings with your family and friends, to reminisce on your favourite Christmas memories? Just click and share at the end…

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Grandparent with Grandchild, reading a book

The difference between parenting and grandparenting

Many say they enjoy being a grandparent significantly more than being a parent, but why? Here we list our top reasons why we think grandparenting can be more pleasurable than parenting!

You are their hero

Nobody looks up to anyone like a grandchild looks up to a doting grandparent. The reception you receive when you walk through their front door can make you feel akin to a rock star stepping onto stage at your own concert.Read more

Grandparents day out in the country with children and grandchildren.

Do we really need Grandparents Day?

As a nationally recognised holiday in the USA, Grandparents Day has been well established across the pond for decades now. Yet over here, it is only just starting to take off. With its popularity steadily growing, here we consider, do we really need a Grandparents Day?Read more

Grandparent with Grandchild

Waiting to be a grandparent

Grandchildren: one of the most rewarding and happy relationships you can enjoy in life, and for many, the best bit about growing older. But where does it leave those of us who are yet to have the title of ‘grandparent’ bestowed upon us by our children?Read more

Grandparent fishing with grandchild

Grandparents’ rights: Do we have any?

Do grandparents have any rights regarding access to their grandchildren?

When a couple separates, or a family endures a bitter dispute, the consequences can have a knock on effect on the whole family. Sadly, it often means that grandparents and grandchildren endure separation through no wish of their own.Read more