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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Bower offers independent, whole of market home finance advice to homeowners searching for affordable, sustainable mortgage and equity release solutions.  

The nature of our work means we have a responsibility to ensure our knowledge and our guidance is of the best possible quality. After all, we support our customers through some of the biggest and most important decisions of their lives.  

But we feel we also have an obligation to give something back; to use our time and resources to bring about constructive change.  

The corporate responsibility policy set out below doesn’t just govern the way we operate as a company or interact with our customers. It also explains the steps we are taking to ensure our business has a lasting positive impact on our customers, our communities, and our wider environment.  

Our company 

Established in 2006, Bower is a family of trusted financial experts here to help people make the most of their money and their investments. Our award-winning team offers professional advice and support to our customers at every stage of their financial journey.  

Our dedication to customer care is what truly sets us apart from other companies in our niche. We exist to protect, support and serve the people who buy from us, whatever their age, background or circumstances.  

Our values  

From the very start, Bower has always endeavoured to be honest and straightforward with everyone we cross paths with, from our customers and their families to our partners and industry peers.  

It’s not because the law requires us to do so. It’s because it’s how we want to conduct ourselves; it’s who we are. We will always work as hard as we can for everyone, and we will always operate in line with our three core values: 


By championing an approach that validates our authority yet places the customer experience at the very heart of everything we do, we have achieved an incredible reputation as one of the most trusted financial advisory firms in our space.  


We’re refreshingly direct, never deceitful, and always impartial. Our honest way of doing business means our customers benefit from clear products and straightforward pricing structures and enjoy total transparency at all times.  


It’s our job to recommend the right solution. We do so by listening carefully; paying close attention to detail; responding with care and compassion; and working tirelessly to ensure our customers’ needs are met at every opportunity.  

Our vision 

Bower loves to think big. We have high expectations of ourselves, and, indeed, our industry as a whole.  

We want to bring clear, current, accurate financial advice to homeowners who are about to embark on transformative investments, all whilst using our authoritative position to take sustainable action towards our wider community-driven goals and aspirations.  

Our responsibilities 

As you would expect from a company of our reputation, Bower operates according to practices that are both ethical and fair.  

We also recognise that it’s our responsibility to make sure that the people we work with have similar values.  

We expect all our suppliers to ensure that working conditions in their operations meet or exceed international labour standards. Our management team continually reviews the steps we are taking to combat unethical practices – including modern slavery and human trafficking – in our business and its supply chains.  

Working for us 

At Bower, we’re something of a corporate family unit.

We know that our people are central to our success, which is why we go above and beyond to source the finest financial minds in the business. Make it through our meticulous hiring process, and you will enjoy the opportunity to immerse yourself in our notoriously forward-thinking culture, which has been carefully cultivated to value the talents of every individual and reward their every effort.  


Though our staff are motivated by more than just money, we appreciate that our packages need to be attractive. We offer competitive remuneration schemes that are frequently reviewed according to progress.  

Community engagement 

We want to give our people a chance to be involved in their community; an opportunity to link their work with our customers and our wider industry with their own learning and development goals. 

Diversity and inclusion 

We want to promote an environment in which our people feel heard, respected, and motivated to achieve more. We demonstrate a clear dedication to diversity and inclusion in our business practices and do everything we can to ensure our people can progress without barriers. 

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Like any responsible company, Bower is dedicated to ensuring no modern slavery and/or human trafficking activities occur in our own business or within our supply chains. Read our full Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement to discover the steps we’re taking to reduce risk in this area.

Gender equality   

33% of our board is female, as are 50% of our senior management team – and we expect these figures to increase in line with our ongoing gender diversity programme.  

Working with us 

Our diligent, experienced, and highly capable staff are always striving to better understand the customers who are using our financial services. Our work starts and ends with these solution-seekers; they inspire us to remain at the forefront of our sector, and they encourage us to see our work from their perspective.  

We also connect what we learn with the core functions of financial regulation to ensure we can continue to deliver a world-class service based on up-to-date information and real-time industry insights.  

Creating positive environmental change 

At Bower, we’re passionate about safeguarding our resources for our planet’s greater good. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and optimising our systems and processes for greater energy efficiency gains. We also want to encourage our people to follow similarly robust waste reduction and energy consumption practices in line with our comprehensive Carbon Neutral Policy, which trains our staff in our strong eco values and outlines the steps we are taking to achieve full carbon neutral status by 2030.