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Carbon Neutral Policy

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Since April 2020

Since 2006 – when Bower was first established – our team has been passionate about feeding our strong sustainability ethos into our business activities. 

To this day, we continue to demonstrate high standards of environmental responsibility at all levels of our operations. Every project we undertake – and every decision we make – is assessed in line with our comprehensive Carbon Neutral Policy, a directive designed to help us decarbonise our business and keep us on track to become carbon neutral certified by 2035.  

It’s an ambitious goal. But it’s one that’s close to our hearts.  

Read on to learn more about the strategy we have in place for minimising the environmental impacts of our approach and achieving net zero carbon emissions. 

Bower is: 

Encouraging open, honest communication   

It’s important that everyone at Bower not only shares our ethos but understands our objectives. As a company, we are committed to implementing, maintaining, and communicating our Carbon Neutral Policy to all staff and suppliers across the firm and making it available to all interested parties.  

Championing clear leadership   

We all have a part to play in reducing our emissions and adopting more eco-friendly business practices – but change starts from the top down.  

By making clear, well-considered strategic decisions, we are guiding our teams towards full policy adoption. More than this, we are inspiring our people to fully immerse themselves in our eco-friendly ethos; to truly be the change they want to see in the world.  

Reaching full compliance and following best practices 

The UK’s environmental policy landscape is changing at great pace. New regulations are being introduced all the time – and these new laws (rightly) place additional demands on companies in terms of the way they adapt to environmental challenges. Rest assured that, at Bower, we are always one step ahead when it comes to following best practice guidelines and securing legal compliance. 

Reporting on progress 

As an eco-conscious company, we strive to measure, monitor, analyse, and report on our carbon emissions on regular basis. Doing so enables us to identify ways we can improve our environmental performance (and, of course, explore means of cutting unnecessary costs).  

Reviewing our objectives 

We understand that we can only improve our operations if we set KPIs and actively work towards them. We have established a clear set of targets within our Carbon Neutral Policy. We regularly assess our performance against these objectives and publish them in the public domain to ensure complete transparency.  

Investing in the tools and resources that matter 

Our power lies in seeking out the correct knowledge. We make sure we not only fully understand our obligations but invest into the appropriate resources that are going to help us meet our goals.  

Improving our physical environment 

Much of our work involves boosting the energy efficiency of our buildings and IT systems and sourcing renewable energy wherever it is technically and commercially viable to do so. From making seemingly smaller operational choices – like going paperless and switching to LED lightbulbs – to implementing video calling facilities in place of face-to-face meetings, we are doing everything we can to streamline our energy consumption.  

Promoting agile working 

We were advocates of remote working long before the COVID-19 pandemic changed global attitudes towards decentralisation. There will always be a strong case for occasional in-person collaborations, but we are dedicated to continually investing in agile technologies that enable us to strengthen our company/client relationships and work quickly, productively and efficiently at all times, regardless of our physical location.  

Minimising travel 

In line with our preference for agile working practices and our commitment to reducing our team’s carbon footprint, we seek to reduce our need for business travel and connect with key parties remotely. And because we know that up to 98% of an employee’s work-related carbon footprint is down to their daily commute, we also encourage our staff to work from home if they have the space and desire to do so.  

Working with our key suppliers 

We work closely with our supply chain to identify opportunities for cutting emissions, using less energy, driving down waste, and utilising renewable resources wherever possible. We also investigate the resource efficiency of every company that partners with us. It goes without saying that, when it comes to procurement, we always favour eco-conscious businesses with a proven track record in robust sustainability practices.  

Our actions are certainly having a ripple effect in our wider business community – and long may this continue!  

Educating our staff 

By delivering comprehensive training initiatives and making it part of our policy to support staff in their sustainability efforts, we are empowering our teams to implement resource-saving carbon neutral solutions, both at work and at home. We encourage our employees to become ethical consumers in every sense by making smarter choices in all aspects of their lives.  

Advising our clients 

Great things happen when all parties are in alignment with each other. We communicate our eco ethos clearly and transparently to our clients, and work alongside them to achieve our collective carbon neutral goals.  

Actively instigating change 

We engage with all kinds of external initiatives in order to learn best practices, better understand the UK’s current regulations, and demonstrate our enthusiasm for achieving positive environmental change.  

Exploring carbon offsetting practices 

Whilst we’re doing everything we can to look after our planet, we will inevitably produce residential carbon emissions as a result of our day-to-day operations. This doesn’t sit right with us; we believe it’s our responsibility to offset these emissions as far as possible to achieve full carbon neutrality. From supporting climate projects in developing countries to restoring forests, we’re always looking at ways to generate additional carbon credits.  

For example, we have partnered with Tree Appeal, an initiative that plants trees in schools, nature reserves, hedgerows, and dedicated woodland areas in locations throughout the UK for eco-conscious individuals and corporate sponsors. The scheme enables us to support plantings on behalf of our clients, then provide them with unique Tree Codes so they can track the location and species of the tree that has been donated as a thank-you for their business. 

Tree Appeal

Tree Appeal Logo

Bower is committed to reducing our company’s environmental impact wherever possible.  

In line with our comprehensive Carbon Neutral Policy, we have partnered with Tree Appeal, an initiative funded by responsible organisations that are eager to make a positive contribution to the environment by facilitating better biodiversity and creating a cleaner, healthier outside spaces for all.  

Bower will be offsetting some of our carbon output by planting trees on behalf of our clients. Every individual planting arranged via the Tree Appeal can be tracked using a unique Tree Code, so, as a client of ours, you can find out the location and species of your contribution at the click of a button.