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Taking your retirement from dream to reality

Many of us have great and varied expectations for retirement. Some people want to use their autumn years for adventure and play, whereas other may decide to provision for their future and their children’s future. It’s your retirement – it’s your choice. Unlike some providers at Bower we understand ‘that one size does not fit all’ and we offer  a range of services to help you tailor your finances to suit your retirement aspirations

Retirement has changed over the years; a few decades ago many people retired into their autumn years, expecting only a few years of declining health. Now, with increased longevity and earlier retirement prospects, many people are using retirement to enjoy the best years of their life.

More people, having worked hard throughout their employed lives, are looking to fund projects after they retire. Some retirees seek funding for home improvements or more aspirational projects such as building luxury homes others spend the money on a Classic car or hobbies that perhaps took a backseat during their working lives. It is not uncommon for retirees, to embark on second careers with, many putting money towards retraining and learning so they can explore new and interesting avenues of enjoyment.

Many of those approaching retirement want to help their relatives and it is common for equity release to be utilised to help pay for further education or pay off the deposit on a first home. Others may wish to save up as much as possible so as to gift as large an inheritance to their children as possible.

The first step towards making retirement dreams a reality would be to talk to an annuity specialist or an equity release adviser such as the ones at Bower to assess your financial potentials.
A lifetime mortgage can be used to complement your pension, and can, be taken out as a lump sum or set up like an overdraft facility that you can dip into as you choose.

The options are so wide that, planning your retirement can often seem like a bit of a quagmire. A Retirement specialist can help guide you through your objectives so you can make your retirement suit your needs.