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Britain’s longest walking trails

Britain is home to some of the most beautiful walks. Venture through stunning countryside or striking cities, along valleys and coastal paths, across rivers and streams, or through fields and woodlands. If you’re up for a real challenge, why not try one of Britain’s longest walks?

How Far?

We’ve listed some of the longest walks in Britain. Here’s a quick look at how long they are, their difficulty and how long they can take.

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Retirement Bucket list #16 - Paragliding retiree against a blue sky

The Ultimate Retirement Bucket List

When we reach retirement, it can feel more important than ever to get those remaining items ticked off our bucket lists while we’re healthy and able to!

Our retirement years are a fantastic opportunity to fulfil those the dreams we’ve held for many years, but until now, perhaps haven’t had the time or sufficient finances to bring to fruition.Read more

2017 Goals notepad to organise your finances

Kick your finances into shape for 2017

We’re almost half way through January already… hands up if you’ve already broken some or all your well-intended resolutions? Well don’t worry, we’re sure you won’t be alone!

Rather than making trendy yet short-lived pledges like dry January, or perhaps resolving to lead a clutter-free lifestyle, wouldn’t it make a longer lasting, more positive impact on our lives if we all pledged to kick our finances into shape?Read more