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Why life’s a beach if you retire by the sea

two English beaches side by side

Whilst it is yet to reach those warm summer months that inspire everybody to head to the seaside, for many the desire to be close to the coast appeals all year round.

Retirement could be the perfect time to help realise this dream. If you are in or approaching retirement and are looking for a new adventure, why not head to the seaside. The beautiful scenery, the fresh, salty sea air and a more relaxed way of life are only a few of the benefits that draw retirees to the sea.

Health benefits

Many have believed in the health benefits of living by the ocean for 100’s of years and still do so to this day.

Living by the coast means that the world’s largest swimming pool is at your doorstep, which also happens to be one of the world’s greatest natural healers. The salt water enhances your immune system, heals wounds, hydrates your skin and boosts circulation.

Eczema sufferers especially will notice a respite in their symptoms because of the mineral Magnesium that is present in seawater. Not only will the mineral ease itching, but it will also draw the moisture from the eczema bacteria, halting its development.

Stay active

Those who live by the sea naturally have a much more active lifestyle, possibly because the coastal paths and beaches encourage it. Whether it be through coastal walks, a swim in the ocean or yoga on the beach the coast has many different options that encourage people to get active.

It’s social

Coastal spaces typically attract social interaction with people, whether it be a family day at the beach, a walk along a cliff top path or an early morning swim, there are plenty areas along the coastline that encourages social interaction.

Not only do the surroundings support social interaction, the slower pace of life means that the majority of people who live by the coast are much more open-minded and happier to chat with strangers.

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