Retirement Planning

Easy ways to earn extra cash

For many who have retired, earning some extra cash can be a way to keep themselves busy, it can allow retirees to treat themselves that little bit more or it can help towards the bills. To assist those looking for inspiration, we have listed some popular ways retirees can earn some extra cash.

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Retirees sitting under an umbrella

Retirees 46% worse off today than 10 years ago

Ten years on from the credit crunch and we’re still feeling the after-effects of the financial crisis. Retirees are achieving typical annuity incomes of 46% less than in 2007*.Read more

Couple making a digital will

Should you get a digital will?

In the pre-internet day, death was a relatively simple affair. The belongings of the deceased would be sorted through, boxed up, and divided among family and friends to act as a tangible reminder of a life. A will, often called a “Last Will and Testament”, is a legal document that allows a person to give instructions on what to do with their possessions once they pass away. It is also used so that people can declare a legal guardian for their children in the event of their death.

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