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5 Spring gardening tips to get your garden summer ready

5 Spring Gardening tips

These spring gardening tips will get your garden ready for a great summer!

Spring has finally arrived. It’s been a long time coming but we can finally say goodbye to the cold days and dark nights. It’s time to welcome the sunny days and warmer evenings. At last, us gardeners can venture back out into the garden and get to work using these 5 spring gardening tips to help get your outdoor haven ready for the summer.

Have a spring cleanSpring Gardening, racking soil

Your garden will have taken a battering over the winter months. The leaves have fallen, there’s debris to be cleared. So before anything else, get those gloves on, get the rake out of the shed and have a good spring clean.

Be sure to freshen the soil. The winter months will have taken their toll, the rain will have compacted the soil and washed away valuable nutrients. Be sure to top it up with compost or manure to add back some moisture and add some fertiliser to make sure it’s got all the nutrients it needs to maintain plant health.

Be a cut above the restSpring Gardening, mowing the lawn

Part of the big spring clean is to tidy up the lawn and you’ll have to make sure the lawn mower makes the cut! Have it serviced and the blades sharpened so it cuts cleanly to give your grass a healthy start.

Begin with the blades lower for a shorter cut to make sure the grass stays sturdy and grows out healthy.

If you’re starting out with a new lawn, now’s the time to sow grow seedlings or lay turf.

Out with the oldSpring Gardening, pruning branches

Plants from last year that survived the winter will need to be trimmed. This will give them a better chance at blooming again this summer. The best time to prune is after the plant blooms, so as not to cut off any future flowers, as well as waiting for warmer weather so as not to damage the plant in any freezes.

Any plants that bloom in the summer will need to be pruned in early spring.

Over hanging branches or foliage on trees will also need to be cut back but can be a bigger job, so perhaps look into hiring someone in to help.

In with the newSpring Gardening, spring flowers, tulips

Once you have tidied up the existing plants and shrubs, it’s time to bring in some new additions. At this time of year you could add plants such as pansies or tulips for a nice flash of colour in your spring garden. Or if you prefer something a little different then why not plant some vegetables like lettuce or peas. If you have started sowing tomato plants these will be able to go outside late spring when it warms a little more, but be sure to keep them safe from pests like slugs!

Invest in some summer-flowering bulbs such as Lilies, Begonia and Freesias. These will give you a beautiful show in the summer!

The extra mile 

If you’ve actioned all our spring gardening tips, you may be looking to summer and thinking about what to do next with your garden. Big plans might include creating a nice outdoor seating space, a patio or even a pond. Or if your budget is a little smaller, why not check out our 5 gardening hacks that won’t break the bank!

Spring Gardening Check List

To help you with your spring gardening, why not use our spring gardening checklist to make sure you’ve covered everything

  • Clear the lawn of any fallen leaves/debris
  • Tidy flower beds
  • Remove any weeds
  • Clear any fallen debris from pond
  • Refresh soil by adding compost
  • Add fertiliser if needed
  • Tidy up any overhanging tree branches of foliage (hire someone to do this if large trees)
  • Trim last year’s perennial foliage
  • Make sure tools and mower are sharpened and serviced
  • Get rid of any unwanted pests
  • Mow the lawn/lay turf
  • Purchase some summer-flowering bulbs
  • Divide perennials
  • Plant bulbs and sow seeds
  • Clean the green house, disinfect work benches and pots to prevent any pests and deceased spreading to new seedlings
  • Get a water butt to collect rainfall
  • Fix up any broken fences or trellis
  • Treat any wooden garden structures during dry periods
  • Create a composting area
  • Add some bird feeders / bird baths

We’d love to know your spring gardening tips! #SpringGardeningTips