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Release equity and protect your inheritance

an expensive house

With such a strong end to 2014, the first months of the New Year are likely to be record breakers for the Equity Release industry. More and more people are looking at releasing cash from their home to help fund their retirement.

The equity release industry has responded with extra product innovation designed to provide the right product for each and every client, this is why advice is so very important when considering a plan. With such an important decision, it is critical to find an adviser willing to take as much time as necessary to cover all the options to ensure you end up with the best possible solution.

For example, some people require the guaranteed option to protect an element of equity – put simply, choosing an amount of the house you wish to leave to children or others in your will. Inheritance protection allows you to have the benefits of releasing equity from your home whilst ensuring that your beneficiaries still receive something after you’re gone. After all, the interest rate is likely to be fixed for life and of course you will certainly be offered the no negative equity guarantee, so why not consider an extra level of control?

This extra option can be selected at little or no extra cost depending on which lender is chosen so ask your adviser to explain inheritance protection.