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Choosing the Right Equity Release Provider

There are a number of things to look out for when searching for the right Equity Release provider, and being aware of them is a vital part of the process.  

What is an Equity Release broker/adviser? 

An Equity Release broker or adviser in Bower is a trained and qualified professional who understands all the products and is authorised to give advice  in Equity Release and who will guide you through the process. A good adviser will also be able to help you decide which type of Equity Release plan is right for your individual circumstances, as there are different types available depending on your needs and circumstances. 

How do I choose an Equity Release provider? 

Always opt for a provider that is a member of the Equity Release Council (ERC), which is the industry body for the Equity Release sector. The ERC defines the code of conduct for all members, meaning that you have the safeguards and guarantees of the ERC members, giving you peace of mind that you are with a reputable provider. All members will also need to  be compliant with the Financial Conduct Authority’s rules governing the sale of Equity Release products.

Can a financial adviser help with Equity Release? 

A standard financial adviser can help you with your own financial plans and queries, but you must take advice from a specialist Equity Release adviser in order to get the right advice before committing to an equity release plan. As a further safeguard, a specialist solicitor will advise you to ensure that you fully understand the details and have full understanding and confidence in the process.

Which provider is best for Equity Release? 

There are many providers available, so choosing a company you can trust can be hard when you have so many to choose from. At Bower, our advisers work tirelessly to give the highest quality advice and support from day one. We don’t pressure our customers and we ensure that the provider and  plan is right for you before making a recommendation.  As members of the Equity Release Council, we adhere to a stringent code of conduct that puts you in the driving seat, so you can agree a plan with confidence. 

Working with a trusted adviser is the only way to get the right advice at every stage of the process. Contact Bower today and speak to a qualified adviser to get started.