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Your Health and Welfare LPA

Most of us assume that if we ever lost our mental capacity, our spouse or partner will be legally able to make the decisions for us. But this isn’t the case.

Because if such a situation does happen to you and you don’t have a suitable LPA in place, then any decisions about your healthcare will be made by doctors who will make them based on your best interests. They will consult your family, of course, but the final decision will rest with medical staff.

But by appointing your loved ones as your attorneys now, it will ensure their decisions, made on your behalf, are adhered to.

At Bower, we understand this is a sensitive but important matter.

So we offer a range of carefully tailored services designed to give you control, peace of mind and help you organise your life the way you want to.

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Health and Welfare LPA guidelines

Your attorney can only use this type of LPA when you no longer have the mental capacity to make decisions for yourself. They will help you by making decisions about things such as:

  • Where you live or where you are treated
  • Day-to-day care including your diet and medication
  • Whether to accept or refuse life-sustaining treatment
  • Who can and cannot have contact with you

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