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Is equity release right for me?

Equity release isn’t right for everybody, which is why it’s so important for you to get independent specialist advice from an expert in retirement lending.

An independent specialist like Bower will take the time to discuss everything with you to find out if there is a better alternative. If we don’t think that equity release is the right plan for you, then we’ll suggest a different approach, like a conventional mortgage.

If you’ve considered equity release before but didn’t go ahead with it, it may be worth looking at the latest options now available. Equity release plans have evolved significantly over the last few years and there are flexible new plans out there that may now fit your needs.

Some will allow you to repay the loan in the future without any penalties, others let you service the interest on a monthly basis or with fixed, regular or one-off payments over the life of your plan to reduce the balance.

So if equity release is right for you, then a Bower independent adviser will help you to choose the most suitable plan.