I could not have chosen better!

Bower assigned Eric Wilson to be my advisor and guide. Eric came to my home to find out what my aims were in Equity Release (over a cuppa). I had one aim, to redeem an old (high interest) lifetime mortgage to a new one at lower interest – with the added benefit of an untouched drawdown sum in case of emergencies. One week later Eric returned with a full and clear report and all the sums accurately done plus his recommended lender. The interest rate had more than halved with new lender!

At this point the Covid 19 lockdown came into play. Immediately Eric, Bower and the recommended solicitor worked out ways of overcoming the problems that lockdown threw up, especially where my signature needed to be legally witnessed for the deed etc. They all came out flying and found imaginitive ways around these problems. The whole process was very smooth and probably took a couple of weeks longer because of the lockdown situation. Everything reached completion in a relaxed manner.

I must add a few words extra about my advisor Eric. When lockdown prevented us from further face to face meetings, Eric was on the phone and emailing me so keeping me fully informed thoughout. Business apart, I feel that Eric and I became friends. As Verger of my church (still in lockdown) I emailed Eric the links to our virtual services and also the series of music videos I made to cheer up the congregation. Eric and spouse had a good laugh watching my efforts. So, a big thanks to Eric and all the staff at Bower for a great and successful outcome. I wish anyone that requires Equity Release the same happy ending through the professionalism of Bower,

Mr S Haude