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The Ultimate Retirement Bucket List

Retirement Bucket list #16 - Paragliding retiree against a blue sky

When we reach retirement, it can feel more important than ever to get those remaining items ticked off our bucket lists while we’re healthy and able to!

Our retirement years are a fantastic opportunity to fulfil those the dreams we’ve held for many years, but until now, perhaps haven’t had the time or sufficient finances to bring to fruition.

You may not have an official retirement bucket list written down – most of us probably don’t – but you may have a few places in mind that you’d still love to visit, experiences you haven’t had yet, and ambitions you would like to say that you’ve achieved.

Writing down your bucket list is a great way to put down on paper your hopes and dreams for your retirement years; it can really motivate you to make those things happen when you can see them in black and white.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, we’ve got a whole host of ideas for your ultimate retirement bucket list. Have a read through some of these ideas, combine them with your own, and discover what adventures are awaiting you!

The Ultimate Retirement Bucket List

  1. Go on a Caribbean cruise
  2. See the Northern Lights
  3. Spend more time with the grandchildren
  4. Rescue a shelter dog or cat
  5. Enter a sporting event for charity
  6. Grow vegetables / start an allotment
  7. Travel across Europe by car or caravan
  8. Witness a solar eclipse
  9. Fly in a helicopter
  10. Re-visit original honeymoon destinations
  11. Volunteer for charity
  12. Watch a sunset / sunrise
  13. Visit all seven continents
  14. Go on safari
  15. Learn a foreign language
  16. Try an extreme sport such as skydiving or paragliding
  17. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz
  18. See the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids
  19. Gamble in Las Vegas
  20. Learn to play the piano / other musical instrument
  21. Christmas shopping in New York
  22. Go horseback riding
  23. Have a spa day
  24. Take the grandchildren to Disneyland
  25. Donate blood
  26. Pass a skill or hobby of yours on to younger relatives
  27. Renew your wedding vows
  28. Whale and dolphin watching
  29. Book a trip on the Orient Express
  30. Visit distant friends or relatives
  31. Ride a camel
  32. See Stonehenge
  33. Take a canal trip in a narrowboat
  34. Write a book
  35. Try skiing
  36. Take the grandchildren to meet Father Christmas
  37. Hot air balloon ride
  38. Work on the family tree / track down long-lost family
  39. Go scuba diving or snorkelling
  40. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
  41. Ride an elephant
  42. Sell something you have made yourself
  43. Go to a concert of a favourite band / singer
  44. Learn to paint / make pottery
  45. Volunteer for community or local school
  46. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant
  47. Go cage diving with Great White sharks in South Africa
  48. Go back to education / join the University of the Third Age
  49. Take dancing lessons
  50. Try yoga or tai chi
Bucket List #28: Whale watching photograph: An Orca jumping out of the water
Retirement bucket list #9 - Low flying helicopter, British countryside
Retirement Bucket list #16 - Paragliding retiree against a blue sky

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