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More People Turning to Housing Wealth in Retirement

Unsurprisingly more and more people are beginning to recognise that the wealth tied up in their homes can help them to enjoy their retirement.

We recently completed a survey of our nationwide advisers asking for feedback from their customers and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The “feel good” factor they get from the satisfaction their customers experience is one of the things that makes this industry so rewarding. They get to see first-hand the benefits customers get from releasing their equity whilst staying in the home they love. Often though, after many years of being in the same place the cost of keeping a home in good order or making necessary repairs or improvements can become increasingly expensive, especially when on a fixed retirement income. This is why home improvements is still one of the most popular reasons people take equity release. However another increasing motivation for people turning to the wealth tied up in their homes is because of debt.

Debt is a huge worry to many, causing sleepless nights and stress that not only impacts on their quality of life but makes people literally sick with worry. Equity release can be the answer but qualified advice is essential. The comfort that comes from speaking to an adviser who can look at all options, including any state benefit entitlement is immense. Knowing there is an answer can be a huge relief.
In our survey we also found that an increase in the cost of living for those on a fixed income was one of the top reasons people turn to equity release and for many with the choice of either just existing or living, it’s clear that using housing wealth to improve later life with the peace of mind of staying in the home you love is going to lead to a much brighter retirement.