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Highest Rate of Inflation for 50-64 year olds Continues for Fifth Month Running

Whilst the overall rate of inflation fell this month from 3.5% to 3%, figures just published by Alliance Trust Research Centre show the 50-64 year old age group continues to be hit by the highest rate of inflation — 4.5% – for the fifth month in a row.

Alliance Trust’s monthly study of differing inflation rates amongst varying age groups uncovers stark differences in the rates being faced by different age groups and also shows that the gap is growing.

Inflation for 50-64 year olds 50% Higher than Official Rate

50-64s are facing a rate of inflation some 50% higher than the official rate. This is mainly because this age group spends more in those areas where inflation is highest, such as transport which is running at 11% inflation and fuel at 22%. Older people spend almost 8% of their budget on electricity and gas bills; whereas in comparison, the under 30s olds spend just below 4% in this area.

Price Increases Reflect VAT Increase and High Fuel Costs

Head of the Alliance Trust Research Centre Shona Dobbie said, “Price increases over the last year have still been relatively high in the case of many goods and services, reflecting the increase in VAT, high fuel costs and the fact that the recent depreciation of sterling has pushed up the cost of imported goods.’

‘These price moves continue to have the greatest impact on the two working age groups who spend a larger proportion of their budgets on the goods and services which are currently seeing the highest price increases. Both working age groups still face an inflation rate in excess of 4.0%, while average earnings have only grown by 1.5% over the last year, highlighting the sharp erosion of purchasing power. This situation has been of great concern for several months now.’

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