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Equity Release Can Mitigate The Impact of Stock Market Fall

The sharp fall in the FTSE during August will have come a yet another nasty shock for many  investors who are approaching state pension age. With savings rates at an all- time low and a lack of suitable safe alternatives, many of those approaching retirement will have remained invested in equities in anticipation of some growth in their pension pots via the Stock Exchange prior to the purchase of an annuity or entering into income drawdown.

Suddenly their retirement dreams have been shattered and they may be understandably reluctant to commit themselves to an annuity at the current time in the expectation that share prices will recover in the medium term.

If they do not have substantial savings, an equity release plan can be an excellent means of bridging the funding gap between retirement and the purchase of an annuity. Over 60% of equity release plans, according to the latest figures released by Safe Home Income Plans, are now entered into on a flexible basis which enables those in retirement to withdraw funds as they are needed in order to balance their income and expenditure until financial markets recover.

There are many different plans available and in order to assure that the best and most suitable option is selected, Bower provide independent equity release financial advice to homeowners, and will make a product recommendation based on the personal circumstances and specific requirements of each client.