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Advisers Offer Advice….. Not Sales:

Following on from our recently launched Adviser Tracker I was intrigued by some of the results we received to our questions. It’s really interesting to see how advisers and customers are getting along and feedback from the coalface is great for helping to inform how we can make sure customers are receiving as much help and information as possible.

One thing from our survey stood out to me above everything else and that’s the number of customers our advisers, advice against equity release! One in ten customers are advised against equity release. That may sound surprising but it shows to me that the decision to take equity release has to be an advised one and not just a “purchase”.

So to clarify, as I am sure you are wondering, in what circumstances would someone be advised against equity release? Well it seems that some customers simply don’t need it, at least not yet and so delaying the choice to take equity release is sometimes the right thing to do. For the customers this applies to, after having spoken to one of our advisers, they can then have the peace of mind that it is indeed an option for them and they will be able to apply, but at a later date, when it’s actually necessary.

This may be because they have sufficient savings at the present time, or their income is currently still adequate for their lifestyle and the impact of a reduced income has not yet come to fruition. Or it may be that there are other options open to them, unfortunately those options are decreasing as the ability to borrow money in later life is becoming increasingly difficult so it’s understandable why more and more people are turning to equity release and we are seeing more enquiries on a daily basis.

All in all the results of our adviser tracker are encouraging and shows clear evidence of the quality of advice Bower offers our customers.