Property for sale. Help children buy.

Helping children onto the property ladder

For those of us with grown up children or grandchildren trying to make the great leap into home ownership, we know only too well the struggle facing our younger generations.

In today’s property market, the bank of mum and dad – or even grandma and granddad – is under increasing pressure to help our loved ones on or up the ladder. Read more

Help your children get a move on

If you have grown-up children turning to the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ to purchase their first home then you’re not alone. Parents are having to find £13,281 on average for this reason, a report by Lloyds Bank revealed earlier this year*.Read more

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Baby boomers cash in their gains

For the post-war generation popularly called ‘the baby boomers’, their house has been their soundest investment. House prices have, over long run averages, consistently climbed for decades and today the baby boomers have the option of turning to lifetime mortgages to cash in on these historic gains.Read more

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Looking After Your Beneficiaries

Nearly 30% of people aged 55+ have apparently not made a Will.* If we are not wealthy, many of us often consider that a Will is not necessary and that everything will be sorted out under the intestacy rules which will apply in these circumstances. This is not a good point of view for many reasons some of which are highlighted below:
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Banking with Granny & Grandad

A recent press release from Lifetime Mortgage provider LV= has revealed the extent to which grandchildren are given financial support by their grandparents. Apparently nearly nine out of ten grannies and grandads have given cash and/or loans to their grandchildren since 2012.Read more

Help the Family up the Housing Ladder

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has just reported that residential property sales have doubled in number since the market downturn six years ago. As a result, due apparently very much to a shortage of houses available for sale, prices are rising in most regions.

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Equity release as a way of reducing inheritance tax and other advantages

As we come up to retirement and start to consider the passing on of wealth and assets, whether they be savings or bricks and mortar, on to our children – many of us will be exploring ways in which to minimise their Inheritance Tax liabilities.  Most of us want to feel that the value of what we leave to our loved ones in our will is not going to be significantly eroded by tax liabilities after our death.  One way of doing so and providing a lump sum during your own lifetime is through equity release schemes.

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