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Why take independent equity release advice?

A fully independent adviser works solely for you and your interests.

So they’ll search the entire market of equity release plans to find the best financial option. And you’ll be protected; the Financial Conduct Authority states that should you opt not to take independent financial advice and choose an unsuitable equity release plan, then you will have fewer grounds for complaint.

There are more reasons to choose an independent specialist like Bower for your equity release advice:

Being independent means your adviser can search the entire market of equity release plans to find the right one for you
They won’t be limited to the plans from one lender, so you can access a much wider variety of options and interest rates
Not all equity release lenders will deal directly with the public – some can only be accessed through a specialist like Bower
An independent specialist will explain all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of plan and will never pressure you into making a decision
Because of their impartiality, an independent adviser will tell you if an equity release plan isn’t actually the best financial option for you right now, and can advise you on the alternatives you may wish to consider
An independent specialist can access money-saving offers that you couldn’t get if you went directly to the lender – so you could save thousands over the life of your plan by using an independent equity release adviser
If you are receiving state benefits or you are entitled to claim any, you need to know if equity release will affect your situation. Our advisers will discuss this with you so you can make an informed decision