Equity Release

Equity Release Improves Life in Many Ways

As houses increase in value so does the equity built up in them; and it’s that equity that older homeowners are releasing in order to improve the quality of their life in retirement.

For some, this improvement means having extra cash available to spend on regular holidays; for others it’s a way of funding a dream purchase such as a new car or motor home or even a trip of a lifetime. However, these are not the most popular reasons for releasing equity, according to new research. So, what are they?Read more

Two Ways to Boost Retirement Income

In retirement, every penny counts, and so it is unfortunate that many living on a pension could be paying far too much than necessary for services and utilities.

In spite of the media emphasis on the benefits of comparison websites, it seems that many people are failing to shop around for better deals on things like insurance, telephone tariffs and energy, preferring to stick with their existing provider. But is better the devil you know really the right course of action? If there is money to be saved then surely it is worth spending some time seeking better deals?Read more

Equity Release is Key Source of Retirement Funding say Politicians

A key source of retirement funding could come from Equity Release says a well known All Party Parliamentary Group.

The group, led by Baroness Hollis of Heigham, suggested that the Government should provide better support to an industry that could offer a solution to the financial issues caused by a progressively ageing population. With additional Government backing, says the group, the equity release process could appear safer and more understandable for the nation’s older population.Read more