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Have a Warm Winter Thanks to Equity Release

Winter is fast approaching and keeping warm at home is vital. Yet it is a fact of life that maintaining warmth in your home warm costs serious money and for those living on a pension it can be very difficult.

There are a number of initiatives that can be implemented in order to make the home warmer and more energy efficient, and if you own your own home, you may well be able to release some of the cash locked into it to pay for them.

Home Warmth Initiatives Covered by Equity Release

  1. New windows and doors: these days windows and doors meet all sorts of energy efficiency standards and really do make a difference in terms of keeping heat inside the home and insulating those previously draughty areas.
  2. Loft insulation and new roof: insulating your loft makes an immense difference to the warmth in your home and renewing your roof could really change things for the better.
  3. A new energy efficient heating system and boiler: installed in your home, a new heating system will save you money on fuel bills and a solar hot water system is an option to consider; running alongside your traditional heating system it will provide a green and energy efficient boost that will save you money.

Just think how these initiatives could save you money and make your winter warmer’┬Žif you are tempted, then why not consider taking some cash out of the equity in your home to fund one or all of them? Saving you money month on month it could well be money well released.

Talk to an equity release specialist. They will advise you firstly on whether there are grants available to cover your home improvements and will also explore all your other funding options. Only if equity release is the right course of action will you be recommended a plan from a SHIP approved provider or one that offers the same guarantees.

Equity release may involve a lifetime mortgage or home reversion plan. To understand the features and risks, please ask for a personalised illustration.

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