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Financial Solutions Not Far Away With Equity Release

Money experts agree it’s not always easy to make ends meet these days, but for many homeowners there could be a solution: it may be possible to free up tax free cash from a property by making the most of an equity release plan.

If you qualify for a home reversion plan or lifetime mortgage you may have a golden opportunity to gain a financial boost in retirement. It may be that you’re looking to consolidate some existing debts on loans or credit cards perhaps, or maybe you are hoping to give a helping hand to members of your family who could do with a bit of extra help.

Equity Release for Home Improvements

There are other, more pleasant, motives too, of course like having an extension built to make more space, or perhaps splashing out on that brand new kitchen you’ve been dreaming of for a few years. Or maybe it’s new windows you need to boost energy efficiency and get those heating bills down?

Whatever the reason for needing the cash, the thing you MUST do is consult Financial Conduct Authority regulated specialists for equity release advice so that you can be sure it’s the right course of action and that the plan chosen is the one that suits you best. And of course that you get the best deal!

Equity release may involve a lifetime mortgage or home reversion plan. To understand the features and risks, please ask for a personalised illustration.

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