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What makes Bower so special?

When it comes to unlocking a cash lump sum from your home, you can’t be too careful about choosing who you go to for advice. A great starting point is speaking to a family member, friend, neighbour, colleague or anyone else you know who has taken out an equity release plan.

Why? Because they will be able to share their individual experience with you, perhaps recommending the adviser they used. They will be able to talk you through their journey, which could be particularly useful if you aren’t sure where to begin.

After talking with your family or friends, the next best step is to seek independent advice from a retirement lending specialist like Bower. If you are considering an equity release plan then here’s why customers recommend Bower time and again to their own family and friends…

You are in control

At Bower we want you to feel empowered throughout your equity release journey. Your adviser will provide all the knowledge you need to make the right decision for your individual circumstances, and you can take as much time as you need to make your decision, there’s never any pressure to proceed.

Giving you the whole story

We won’t highlight all the benefits of equity release and gloss over the drawbacks – we are impartial experts and it’s our job to cover all aspects of a plan with you. We will thoroughly explain all the advantages and disadvantages, such as how a plan may affect your entitlement to state benefits.


As independent specialists in retirement lending, we can search the entire market of equity release plans to find the best deal for your needs and circumstances. Thanks to our impartiality we only advise on what is right for you – and we’ll tell you if equity release isn’t the best option for you.

On your level

Your adviser will explain everything to you in a jargon-free language that you understand. We encourage you to ask questions and welcome any family and friends you wish to be involved so they can ask any questions of their own and help you make a decision.

Quality service

Bower’s advisers are highly qualified and have been professionally trained to very high standards. They are experts in the field of retirement lending and will even be able to let you know if there is a better financial option for you to consider before going down the road of equity release.


We base our success on the satisfaction of our customers. Our commitment to delivering exceptional customer service has been recognised by a number of awarding bodies over the years – including the What Mortgage award for ‘Best Equity Release Adviser’ for the last three years.

There for you

From the moment you choose Bower, your dedicated adviser will be there for you every step of the way: working to find the best deals for you, expertly answering your questions and keeping you updated throughout the process with an unbeatable service tailored to your needs.