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Winner! My Grand Hero Competition – August

We’ve had an amazing two month’s with our My Grand Hero competition and we have our second winner! Once again, it was difficult to pick just one as there were so many lovely entries and lots of incredible heroes, but we’ve found our next winner…

August’s Grand Hero

Congratulations to Amanda Ward who is this month’s winner with her Nan, Betty Taylor.

Check out her entry:

August's winner. Amanda's Nan Betty
Amanda’s Entry of her Nan, Betty

You’re never too old for a game of row row row your boat with your great granddaughter!

My Nan is disabled and suffers with terrible arthritis. However I popped to the loo one day leaving my little girl downstairs! When I came back down this is what I found! My Nan sat on the floor doing row row row your boat with my little lady! What a complete hero… even through the pain she still manages to play with her great granddaughter! How she got down on the floor is beyond me! Getting her back up wasn’t fun either!!!!

We asked Amanda if there was anything else she wanted to add about Betty, and she went on to tell us,

She’s had a very busy life with 6 children, that went on to give her 27 grandchildren who in turn then gave her 36 Great Grandchildren with a couple more on the way!”

As I’m sure you can imagine she is a hero to every single one of us and her house may as well have revolving doors as we all seem to congregate there

36 Great Grandchildren – what an achievement! Thank you for sharing your Nan with us! A truly wonderful woman and a remarkable grand-hero.

Amanda and her nan
Amanda and her Nan
Betty dancing
Betty in the pub one night joining in doing the gangnam style dance

The prizes!

Each winner receives a luxury food and drink Hamper which also includes our very own Bower Bear. They also get to choose a listed charity for Bower to donate £100 to.

Amanda picked OPAAL UK to receive the £100 charity donation. OPAAL’s CEO, Kath Parson said,

We are delighted to receive this donation as it will enable us to reach out to more older people when they are most vulnerable and  need someone to speak up for them when making decisions about their health and care needs.

There’s still time for you to win

We have one more winner to pick at the end of September so there’s still time for you to enter your grand heroes! Enter now using our submission page or if you are a grandparent, why not share the page with your grand kids.

Good luck!